Where are your venues located and where can I park?

Tower Theatre is located at 425 NW 23rd St. Free parking is available directly across 23rd Street / in the East lot.

Ponyboy is located next to Tower Theatre at 423 NW 23rd St. Free parking is available directly across 23rd Street / in the East lot.

Beer City Music Hall is located at 1141 NW 2nd St. Parking is available at the free lot directly East of the venue, plus free street parking. Other paid parking may also be available in the area but this is not under our control.

Addresses and parking information are also available in each show's dedicated ticket page.

Can I smoke in the venue?

This is a smoking-free venue.

Are there any COVID restrictions?

There are no COVID restrictions in place.

What forms of payment do you take?

Tower Theatre & Ponyboy: Credit and Debit Only

Beer City Music Hall: Credit, Debit, Apple, Google

We accept all card providers (Visa, Amex, Discover, Mastercard).

Beginning July 13, all our venues and bars are moving to cashless. Cashless is safer to bring to a night out, is more convenient, and gets you through the bar line faster so you can enjoy the show.

What are your age restrictions?

Each show's ticketing page will list any age restrictions on the bottom right side in Prekindle (underneath the red "Buy Tickets" button).

Do you serve non-alcoholic beverage options?

Yes! We serve many non-alcoholic options at all our locations.

Can I bring my own food or beverage in?

No outside food and beverage are allowed.

What is your media or camera policy?

We do not allow professional camera equipment in ticketed events without an approved media pass. You can apply for a media pass here. We do allow professional camera equipment at our free events at Ponyboy (ie. dance parties, karaoke, etc.)

What is your bag policy?

No backpacks of any kind are allowed. No bags larger than 14” x 14” x 6” are allowed. All bags are subject to search.

What are your prohibited items?

• Weapons of any kind

• Selfie-sticks/Poles, Missile-like objects that can be thrown

• Professional cameras without prior approval

• Outside food or drink

• Illegal substances.

• Hazardous materials

• Wrapped gifts of any kind

• Portable chairs.

• Laser pens.

• Balloons/beach balls

• Fireworks.

• Airhorns or other noisemakers

• Hoverboards, Segway, skateboards or any other similar non-medically necessary mobility apparatus

• Pets or other animals

• Any other items deemed inappropriate by Venue Personnel

The event I want to attend is sold out! Is there a way to purchase tickets?

If an event is sold out, we are not able to provide another way to purchase tickets. We cannot guarantee entry for tickets not directly purchased through our website and Prekindle.

Do you have a lost and found?

All lost and found items are available to pick up at Ponyboy during operating hours.